Saturday, March 18, 2017

Airy Thoughts

It's been a while since I posted something here, and I'm partly blaming the lack on school papers to really focus on blogging, and I've also seemingly lost the spark to just review books, which I've kept my book blog as. I've been working on a lot of book blog posts for my co-blogging, so it seems like I have nothing left for here sadly. It doesn't help that YA, the main genre that I want to blog about, doesn't seem to be pulling me in like it used to. I've probably read maybe six books in that genre as opposed to the dozens of romance I've read. It's not looking good for me, so this post is a little change in pace from the lit-heavy posts I've tried to pepper this blog with. It's my version of an online journal, and I hope you'll welcome the change.

I've been really into podcasts recently and subscribed to a handful of them just for fun. It's a really great way to pass transit time, I tend to read ebooks on my phone but I do get carsick quite easily so podcasts are a great alternative to that. I'll list a few I really enjoy, and if anyone's reading, I'd love to hear recommendations as well.
  • Book Riot - The Podcast 
Book Riot is pretty much well known for being the place to read up on all bookish things and so of course, their podcast is quite well-informed as well. It's like my weekly dose of literary intelligence and I've been learning a lot from the hosts. As an amateur who wants to work professionally in the literary world one day, this podcast is great to learn and pick up on the relevant topics.
  • Smart Podcast, Trashy Books
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books is one of my favorite blogs. They cover a wide variety of romance books and I get so many of my guilty purchases (in regards to buying books not in regards to the genre lol) from their weekly deals. I love the romance genre, so listening to Sarah interviewing my favorite authors and finding out all sorts of fun stuff + the billion romance read recs they talk about is so great. Super fun and so recommended.

  • Good Food 
As the title says, this is a foodie podcast. It's run by a Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold, who is based in LA, so of course, I have to tune in weekly. I honestly enjoy talking and reading about food, so listening to the episodes is a total delight, and since LA is such a rich cultural area, the diversity of the culinary guests each time is refreshing. Jonathan Gold also incorporates current events/political stuff in and ties it into the food topics each week, which is great.

Movies!! My roommate and I have made the most of our break to go see a few of the recent hit movies. For the most part they've been winners, though we were devastated because our local theater stopped playing LEGO Batman before we could go see it, an utter tragedy.

  • Logan was a winner on all parts; seeing as I haven't seen the older X-Men movies (I can't really pass up James McAvoy honestly), I'm sure the emotional impact wasn't quite as strong, but I was tearing up at the end. Laura Kinney is a great character, and honestly seeing her in this movie has made me pick up X-Men comics like the trend follower I tend to be lmao. 
  • Get Out was a movie that I can't say I enjoyed in the pure entertainment sense since it terrified me honestly. I'm never a horror girl and I've seen maybe one or two, but this movie was brilliant. The cinematography was amazing and I had chills from the plotline and the acting was so good especially by the main two. 
  • Beauty and the Beast was a gorgeous movie, just as the trailers showed. I adored the French setting and it did a great job with bringing the classic to life, although I will admit I think the Cinderella live-action was better, but only by a little. I enjoyed the additional backstory and small plot elements added to make the story more believable hah, and I'm sure it'll please any fan of the original. 

I'm a picky person when it comes to reading blogs, and while I do love a well-written review, I seem to have eclectic tastes when it comes to reading them. Sadly, this means I rarely read other blogs, especially since many of my favorite blogs have gone stagnant. On the other hand, I voraciously consume beauty and fashion blogs. The tasteful photos and gorgeous words that accompany the posts that indulge my inner vanity are my new obsession. I also read a lot of food blogs because recipes are so interesting to me and I have a million pinned in hopes that I'll get the chance to make them someday. Both are pure wistful notions in that I wish I could buy all the makeup and skincare as well as make all the beautiful pastries and meals. Maybe one day haha. 

Until next time, wishing you all the best, and forgive the change of pace, spring seems to bring new hope and inspiration for me. 

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