Monday, February 1, 2016

Suspended in January: A Lazy Yet Hectic Start

I am well aware my title is contradictory at best, although it aptly describes myself in this first month. In some aspects, the new year did a fine job of spurring my inner ambitions, while in others I just barely pulled myself into gear.

San Fran trip + Viet food 
I led a rather shameful existence where I did not interact with anyone but my family for the period of my break, save for a lunch date with a dear friend, which alludes to how much of a bum I was during those few weeks. I stuffed myself full of my beloved Japanese food and shopped winter essentials before flying back to school. I signed up for a more ambitious course load this semester, which provides a welcome jolt of drive, as did the sharp cold that comes with below freezing temperatures. It snowed quite a lot, and I got to wear my adorable snow boots, as well as feel more authentic about being in winter. Trekking through snow just gives me quite a thrill I'd never quite experienced when I was younger due to the perpetually warm climate I was used to, and while I'm sure the novelty will wear off at some point, for now, I am a bundle of bright winter cheer.

Reading wise, I had a rather ambitious start. Of course I set my yearly reading goal on Goodreads to a optimistic 150 books, which seems to have spurred a rather impressive jump start with which I have read books this past month. By pure statistics, I think I read around 20 books, which I'd like to be proud of, although does it truly count if I spent half the month lazing around and being a general sloth, from sleeping in to effectively making my breakfast a brunch, just from the time slot I ate at in the mornings. I destroyed my sleep schedule very often through a determination to finish books in one sitting, either from sheer brilliance on the author's part or through my admittedly vulnerable heart which seems to attach itself readily to all variations of characterization.

more food + snow

Listing every book I read would be impossible indeed I would exhaust you, but grouped by genre I can briefly skim through the list. I started the year with my not-so-secret adoration of contemporary romance books, there just seems to be something about that genre that draws me in whether it be witty and smart banter to chemistry distinct from those of teenagers. My dear friend Lisa was very adept in directing me in the right direction, and I must say the highlight was Laura Florand who is absolutely phenomenal with her characters and each of her books is quite magical, I'm so utterly impressed by how intricate her relationships are. I finally finished Six of Crows, which if you can believe, I started on my plane ride home last month, yet never attempted to finish, a failing on my part since I adore this book now. I was not very taken with her original Grisha trilogy, but Bardugo has pulled a heist of my love indeed, I could gush eons about this book. I also read The Fixer, which I admit did not quite blow me away as I wanted. Switching genres, I read a lone regency in January, The Rogue Not Taken, which was just as wonderful as I expected, a channel for my occasional cravings of rogues and rakes, ladies with utterly clever banter, and ridiculously swoony scenes. Inferno, a highly awaited sequel for me, exceeded my expectations despite my misgivings about the precedent, and has me eager to continue this trilogy. Aptly described as The Godfather meets Romeo and Juliet, it's worth the frustration of the first one to get to this gem of a book. To round out the month, I finally ventured into the prestigious Winner's Trilogy, the first which lured me in slowly and the second which destroyed me with its jagged edges. Needless to say, besides my emotional investment in this trilogy, I am also firmly in awe of political tangles and the web of plot angles that Rutkoski has created.

I'm still struggling to find time outside of the chunks of reading time to construct blog posts, but I saw a post floating on the internet saying January is a trial month, February is where the real year begins, or something along those lines, so I have decided to take this to heart. January was a slow rise from the proverbial dead, which I dub my inner force, and now that the wake-up call of a new semester has kicked in, what with all the productive time slots I have available.


  1. Asdfghjkkllll one day when we meet irl we totally need to take each other out or at least introduce some local cuisine to each other :P I don't think I've ever had any Japanese food (consciously) except sushi, but I so want to! YOU CAN DO IT ERI! I BELIEVE IN YA! SLAY THOSE COURSES AND ALL YOUR EXAMS ;* wooooooooo snow is amazing :') omg! I read like 5-7 books haha but I had 2 weeks worth of exams too, so I guess I can give myself a pat on the back for this still :P you're true goals of speed reading though <3 I'll totally meet you and Marie on that Laura Florand train one day ;) I'm glad you loved Inferno so much seeing as you waited so impatiently for it and yay YOU LOVED TWC TRILOGY SO FAR YOUR UPDATES AFTER YOU FINISHED HAHAHAHAHA i still have no idea what you were going on to me about but I promise I'll re-read and see what actually went on haha. Love you Eri! YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO AND SET YOUR MIND TO! NEVER DOUBT THAT OKAY!!! *hugs*

    Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination

    1. *hugs back* SIIRI YOU'RE THE BEST!!! And yesss lunch date for sure whenever we meet because pfft you're missing out on real good food if you've *only* had sushi, and I'd love to try Estonian cuisine. Sometimes I read faster than I should tragically I forget details if I binge the same author there's so much to process no wonder my brain feels like a fried socket sometimes and ily for your motivating talk love <333