Monday, November 9, 2015

Halsey Book Tag

I was tagged by the ever lovely Lisa on tumblr which you can find here.

Castle: Your Favorite Queen

Quintana of Charyn my love and heart goes to you.

Hold Me Down: A Series You Can't Seem to Quit, No Matter How Hard You Try

I thought I quit the Shadowhunters franchise but nope, I'm currently trying to finish The Mortal Instruments because there's a new Shadowhunters series set in Los Angeles and I'm dying to know about this Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn. I fall quite easily for best friends who may or may not fall in love. 

New Americana: The Fictional Friend Group You'd Want to Be Your Fight the Apocalypse Squad

The Rephaim series characters are definitely who I'd need as my Fight the Apocalypse squad. They're fierce, strong, and the best fighters who look better than you ever could killing and slaughtering monsters.

Drive: A Couple that Needs to Communicate Better

I don't know any pairings that have severe problems with communicating except maybe Kami Glass and Jared Lynburn, especially on Jared's part.

Hurricane: Favorite Standalone

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. My favorite authors tend to write series, which I am grateful for, but this book eclipses most books, and transcends everything, and will reduce to mere rubble and tears.

Roman Holiday: Cutest Contemporary Couple

ZACHARY GOODE AND CAMMIE MORGAN? Relationships that start with M&Ms stay together forever these two are the most precious adorable piece of the universe to exist I love them with all my heart and I would die if they don't have a wedding featuring my favorite characters.

Ghost: Most Tragic Break-up

Does it count if they get back together? Because Lucien and Phaedra from a certain beautiful series, break my heart almost every time I reread their scenes.

Colors: One of Your Faves Who Hurts You A Lot Because They Make Terrible Decisions

Garrison makes a lot of questionable choices before he became my fave and Magnus Damora just needs to get his shit together. And also Lisa mentioned Mycroft, and this is true he needs a girl like Rachel around to keep sane.

Strange Love: Character A Lot of People Don't Get But You Absolutely Love

Garrison Abbey from the Addicted Series, which many people don't get because he's a juvenile delinquent but man this kid has so much potential and he's got heart that no one can see and I JUST HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT HIM.

Coming Down: Best Sexy Times Scene

Everyone says Coballoway (a pairing from my all-time favorite New Adult series) but honestly sometimes their scenes make me very anxious and nervous because of their very explicit nature, so I'd say certain scenes in Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas or A Rogue by Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean.

Haunting: A Book or Character That You're Still Thinking About

I constantly worry over Willow Moore from the Addicted Series I spend hours agonizing over her and my love Garrison Abbey because I am highly concerned over their well-being and if they're enjoying school and not getting bullied for highly classified reasons. I also think about Grace from the Embassy Row series a lot and I'm scared for her mental and emotional state often.

Gasoline: Favorite (Self-)Destructive Character

Jared Lynburn from the Lynburn Legacy series is hands-down quite the most self-destructive character I have met, and also one of my favorite characters ever.

Control: Best Villain

Rob Lynburn is one of the best villains that I have read about, and so is Scott Van Wright.

Young God: Characters That Secretly Worship Each Other

Princess Cleo and Magnus Damora most definitely have feelings for each other, and are also quite confused about them and being locked in a room together would infinitely improve their current relationship.

Walk the Line: Best Retelling/Reworking

I've always had a very fond spot for the Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor which featured magic and romance and adventure a delightful twist on the original classic. And of course, the Percy Jackson series is always close to my heart, with the beloved demigod characters and its fun and whimsical take on the idea of Greek mythology living and breathing in the modern world.

Is There Somewhere: OTP With Obstacles

So I haven't read everyone's go to struggling in the romance department The Winners Curse but I think I'd go with Luca and Sophie in Vendetta because that pair just has a lot of potential yet are somewhat starcrossed plus there is the awkward matter of Luca's brother who reminds me in a very annoying manner, of Romeo.

Empty Gold: An OTP That Became a NOTP

So when I first starting reading the wonderful Lumatere Chronicles...I so thought that Lucien and Celie would be a thing...and yeah that ended in an interesting manner. Needless to say, my friends were laughing at me when I told them about this, as they kindly informed me later on.

Trouble: Toxic Relationship You Ship Even Though You Know Better

Maven and Mare from Red Queen. I adored this book when I read it earlier this year, and while realistically I should not see these two characters romantically together, I can't help it. I have very strong feelings towards Maven, and this leads me to this ship.


  1. I need to read The Rephaim series and The Lynburg Legacy eventually! Also, how did I forget Sophie and Luca??? Truly romeo and juliet
    Also, I live for your zammie and gillow enthusiasm <3

    1. Yess nazeefa you do!!! And yes I can't believe you and Lisa didn't mention them hahaha and obviously my enthusiasm seeped out i can't help it <33

    2. Wonderful post, Eri! I actually adore Garrison too, and I love him with Willow. :)
      Great blog by the way
      Ne GFC follower
      Jess @Little Book Heaven

    3. Thank you Jess! I'm so happy to find someone else who adores them they're just so loveable <3

  2. Ahhh I still need to read Jellicoe Road SO BAD. I only ever see people rave over it!! And I need to finish Finnikin series....gawsh, basically me + all the Marchetta books. XD Omg and I love Percy Jackson's intense cuteness too!! And definitely agree that Arin and Kestrel are a ship with problems. Yet I'm still avidly shipping them, hehe
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! And basically yes Marchetta books are definitely an essential for every bookworm it's almost impossible not to love and cry over them haha. And I definitely agree about Percy Jackson, and hah I still haven't read TWC so I just go along with anyone that they're THE painful ship lol.

  3. EEEEEEP!!!!! I could totally get behind the Rephaim crew to fight the world with. I love them so much! HAHAHAHAHA. Eri it wouldn't be a post of yours if you didn't somehow for some reason mention Zammi lol. I hope we get this bonus someday <3 LMAO I picked Magnus too hahaha. But I can see why you'd pick Garrison as well :) OMG ERI TO EVERYONE'S SURPRISE I'M NOT GOING TO PICK COBALLOWAY MWHHAHAAAA i picked another pair entirely for the best sexy times scene :') world is full of wonders, I say! Dude our answers are so different haha but I'm so glad for this! I clearly need to work my way to Red Qeen, Lumatere and Vendetta <3

    1. Zammie is how my mind works hahahaha. And yep Magnus is so easy he's the default troubled soul lmao. BUT WHAT SIIRI?! BUT COBALLOWAY IS YOUR EVERYTHING OMG. And yesss please get on those books, especially Vendetta it's so underrated but it's fab and the sequel is probably going to be great! Love-hate ships are soo much fun <3 I'm dying to read yours when you post it I can't wait!