Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Uppercase Unboxing + Review

This isn't quite a book review, but it does involve books, so I thought it would be fun blog post to write up. And besides, I was just so excited about this that I couldn't help myself. (Spoiler: this involves pretty things and oohing and aahing)

Over the past weekend, I received a lovely package from Uppercase. It's my first book subscription  box that I've ordered, and I must say I'm very pleased at the result. Here's a snap shot of everything I received, which came in the lovely Uppercase cloth bag pictured on the side.

Note: I was very impressed by how quickly my items arrived since they shipped via Priority Mail and for me, it arrived two days after I was sent an email from Lisa that the Uppercase packages had been shipped.

And a closer look at everything I received:

First up, I received a very charming tin of mints that were Alice In Wonderland themed.

They are very cute and I may just keep the tin after I finish the mints because the packaging is too cute to throw away.

Next up, keeping in with the theme of Alice in Wonderland, there was a coin purse with the Mad Hatter, who is one of my favorite characters in the book.

 And on the back, there is a quote from the Mad Hatter himself, and I love it so much.

It's yellow and roomy enough that I could easily stash receipts and other things that I undoubtedly end up with when I go shopping, being a lazy being like myself.

Then there was a pleasant surprise in the form of book swag from Fierce Reads.

The Lunar Chronicles is a series that I adore, and these tattoos are so glitz and glam, and the shades of gold and silver are simply lovely. 

This also came with a bookplate signed by the author, which I promptly stuck in my book because it looks so nice doesn't it?

The actual book itself for this month's Uppercase was First & Then, which has the most charming cover I've ever seen. The rainbow raindrops are gorgeous, and the bonus is that when you take the dustjacket off, you get an even more lovely surprise. 

The book is embossed! With the same raindrop pattern forming hearts, and it's blue. Coincidentally, blue is my favorite color, so this book is perfectly packaged, with a cute premise to match.

Also pictured is a note written from Lisa, the founder of Uppercase, and the one who selects the books to send out every month. The handwritten note personally addressed to me was a very sweet touch and the premise that the book First & Then is Pride and Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights has my interest piqued.

In conclusion, I am a very happy girl and this was a very pleasant bright spot in the otherwise gloomy week, especially because midterms, which are quite intimidating and stressful. I'll get back to you all with updates when I read this book, but with a premise like this, I'm sure it won't disappoint! Sorry this is such a brief post, but how is everyone else's week going? I hope it's been well for you all, and I'll get back to you with an update on all of the wonderful books that I've been reading.


  1. I AM STILL HEART EYES OVER THIS BOOK ERI. I hope you enjoy it and my gosh all the pretties in this subscription box! Loveee.

    1. ME TOO THIS BOOK IS SO PRETTY!! I'll keep you posted on how it goes and yess this subscription box is the greatest :)